To complete your Support solution and for extra peace of mind, ITOPS adds value to your AppleCare Premium Service and Support Plan by offering to integrate SOS (Supplementary On-site Support) days into your plan.

An AppleCare Premium Service and Support Plan ends 3 years from the date of purchase of Xserve and Xserve RAID. ITOPS SOS days are valid during this same period.

AppleCare + AppleCare + includes;
  • AppleCare Support cover with Apple
  • Plus a number of ITOPS SOS days
  • Xserve cover is a prerequisite to XRAID
  • Prices shown is for 1x XRAID
  • SOS Days Xserve Xserve RAID
    1 £970 £1545
    2 £1320 £1895
    3 £1620 £2195

    You can use your SOS days as and when you wish (to assist with on-site system support, fault diagnosis, system administration, reconfigurations or upgrades). The visit will be arranged for a mutually agreed time/date.

    SOS days are purchased as a standard rate when packaged with your AppleCare Premium Service and Support Plan. The more days you purchase the greater the discount.

    And there's more - our SOS days are not tied to the one Xserve system. If you have multiple systems you can call off your SOS day on any of them.

    Standard Apple Support Packages
    AppleCare AppleCare Support with Apple direct
  • Price shown is per Xserve and XRAID
  • Package RRP Our price
    Xserve £552 £520
    XRAID £595 £575
    Service Kits Apple Spare Kit is supplied by Apple
    Package RRP Our price
    Xserve £663 £650
    RAID 250GB £1165 £1150

    All prices are exclusive of VAT.