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Every IT Solution varies because every business is different. An IT Solution needs to be configured with business needs in mind.

When ITOPS installs a solution our Consultants and Engineers will liase with your IT staff to ensure the configuration is geared towards your specific needs.

Xserve Application Ready

Our Xserve Application Ready solution is based upon the Apple Xserve G5 with Xserve RAID, and comprising of:

  • Dual 2Ghz G5, CDROM, 80GB disk
  • Resilient (RAID5) storage - 1750Gb (7x250Gb)
  • LaCie AIT 0.8-2TGB Backup
  • Mac OS X Server (unlimited license)
  • XtremeMac Rack II Cabinet
  • AppleCare Maintenance & Support
  • ITOPS Consultancy
Server N/A £3693 Solution

Storage N/A £5335
Cabinet 1 £1268
Backup Option 1 £4435
Consultancy 7 £3850
Support N/A £2557
Extras N/A £221

*Please note prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

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