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Standard Consultancy 1 day

ITOPS Part #: ISE00001
AudioVideo Part #: ISE00001
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  • Struggling to bring your Audio Video or Computer system upto to date?
  • Wondering what new technology will do for you?
  • Wish you could do more with your existing Audio Video system

With Consultancy services from MyControl4 we can help you address your concerns and help you get the most from your Audio Video solution.

Our Consultants

Our engineers and consultants are constantly engaged in improving customer systems with our portolio of products and services. Whether you are planning to upgrade your system, or make an investment and expand your Home Audio System, MyControl4 can help get the right result and the best value.

Consultancy Days

Our consultancy days can be used to assist you in a number of areas:-

  • Upgrade an existing system
  • Add additional functionality to your system
  • Troubleshoot Problems

Consultancy Bands

Accurate pricing is gained from a clearly defined Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW is produced after the consultancy needs have been scoped and your requirements have been discussed.

All parties agree the SOW prior to any service delivery

  • Standard onsultancy: applied to a skills requirement that we consider to be of a lower level of complexity, requiring a skill-set that is generally considered to be a core competency for our Consultants and Engineers. This rate is used for the majority of work during normal working hours
  • Advanced Rate: applied to a skills requirement considered to be higher than standard, whereby enhanced ´midrange´ to ´enterprise´ skills are needed. This covers the services that we deliver on a frequent basis, within a clearly defined Statement of Work including the Design or documentation of a solution. For example Midrange to High-End servers or storage implementation and testing.

Note: The ´Advanced´ rate may also apply to any requests for Standard consultancy received at short notice or for requests that are very difficult to scope and quantify.

Mileage, Accommodation & Subsistence Charges

We endeavour to keep travel time, overnight stays and associated costs to a minimum by allocating a consultant located in the close proximity to the client´s site.

Though our staff are located in the North of the country it is not always possible to allocate local resource to a project. This may be due to other commitments or the specific nature of the skill-sets required. Under these circumstances additional charges may be added to a consultancy quote dependant upon your location and the duration of the project.

What is the Engagement Process?


A single consultancy day is restricted to one physical location and must be completed during one regular business day. (Monday - Friday , 9AM to 5PM, excluding public and bank holidays)

For further product information: http://www.mycontrol4.co.uk

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